Thursday, 17 May 2018

Meet the characters from Accidentally Again #DownandDirty

Gabriel "Gabe" Hannigan


Local police officer Gabe Hannigan is a playboy. Everyone knows that. But he has a secret. There is one woman he would give it all away for. Well, girl, not woman and that's problem. While Billie Shannon may be eighteen now, Gabe can't get past their small yet significant age gap. Or the fact that Billie has just graduated high school and is planning to leave the state.

When he isn't patrolling the streets of his small town Beaufort High in rural South Australia, he helps his younger brother, Trevor, with the family's cattle station that their parents left them after they passed. He loves his job and respects the hell out of his Senior Sergeant, Darren Shannon...who also happens to be Billie's very overprotective father.

My inspiration for Gabe was my cover model Darren Birks.

Wilhelmina "Billie" Shannon

Billie Shannon was a good girl...or so her father thought. She never drank or got into trouble with her friends...or so her father thought. So she supposes she can't really blame the man for putting up a boundary of patrol cars around the high school graduation party she was attending. And he sure as hell didn't know the massive crush she had been harbouring for one of his favourite Constable at his station. But she was going to anyway because that's what daughters do with their parents and with her mother gone, she only had her dad left to point a finger at.

She has her whole life planned. She received an amazing mark for her HSC. She got into her two top choices for university and plans on heading to Canberra and the Australian National University as soon as Christmas and New Years are through. There was only one problem. And that problem's name was Gabe Hannigan. One night with him and her entire future plans were changed. Only thing was, he didn't know. At first, because he avoided her, and then because she was angry and resentful.

But now Billie is forced to return four years later with the biggest secret ever in tow...

She wanted to stay. He knew she needed to go.

Police officer Gabe Hannigan had always done the right thing and followed the rules. With the exception of one night with the girl he had always craved, Billie Shannon.

When Billie returns four years later to care for her sick father, she comes home with a secret she knew she couldn't keep forever, leaving the pair with no choice but to come to terms with the consequences of their night together and the actions Gabe took to try and protect Billie’s future.

Can this lawman make things right with the woman he should never have let go? Will they overcome their past in order to fall in love accidentally again?

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