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Cowboy Interrupted is now LIVE!


First comes love, then

Joshua Kell signs a deal that will set his ranch up for life and then spends the night with the woman of his dreams. Waking up alone, he returns home, nursing a broken heart.

Brianna Evans struggles to overcome a horrific trauma. After two years, she's finally taking back control of her life, but she panics when she wakes up next to Josh.

Bri has to find him again, and when she does, hopes he'll understand and forgive her for running. She wants the chance to be happy again. But when a ghost from her past threatens to take everything away, Bri has to trust her cowboy will stop at nothing to keep her safe.

Josh tried really hard not to acknowledge how the touch of her hand in his made him feel. He needed to focus. "How long have you been looking for me?"
A self-deprecating laugh bubbled out when she shook her head. "Um, about twenty minutes after you had checked out."
"What?" Josh asked, surprised.
She started looking for him before? He had assumed she began her search when she discovered the pregnancy. God, he really needed to stop assuming things, because regardless of the saying, the only one it made look like an ass was him.
"When I got home, I called my sister to blast her for letting me drink and go home with a strange man who could have hurt me. Needless to say, she reminded me I was a grown woman and when she was done, she told me about you. Charlotte said we really hit it off, and you seemed like a great guy. She also mentioned I'd be a fool to let you slip through my fingers."
"So you called the hotel, and they told you I was gone.” He made it a statement. He could see exactly how it played out. "And you didn't know my last name, so they wouldn't give you any details and you couldn't track me down."
Bri nodded. "Pretty much. I tried to move on, even when small parts of the night came back, but then I got really sick and went to the doctor. That was eight weeks ago. This morning Charlotte turned up on my doorstep with the article about you and daddy.” She grimaced when she mentioned her dad.
He repeated the action. "I can't believe Brian Evan is your father.” He was in so much trouble.
"Uh-huh.” She nodded, agreeing with him.
He winced. "You know he's gonna have my balls and my business, right?"
"Daddy won't do that.” She didn't quite believe her own words.
"Oh, yes, he would. I'd do the same damn thing if it were my daughter."
Aw, hell. He'd probably just shoot the bastard.
"Good to know.” She snickered.
Frowning, it took him a minute to catch on. Then he paled when it hit him, that he might very well have a daughter. "Oh, God."
She didn't snicker again—she laughed her ass off. "Just dawned on you, did it?"
His usual anger at being the butt of the joke never came. Bri didn't intend it to be mean, she simply found him amusing, and he kinda liked that.
What is this woman doing to me?
"Your father is still gonna come after me. You have to be prepared for that. I promise I won't let that interfere, though."
Bri sobered quickly. Deep in thought, her brow furrowed. Her button nose scrunched up, and she gave her bottom lip a workout. Still, nothing could have prepared him for her next words.
"We could tell him we're engaged."

Notes & Roses by Rozenn Scott Blog Tour

RELEASE 26 February 2016

Cody is running from the ghosts of his past. Will Megan's love be enough for him to make a stand?
With his stalker behind bars, former boy band singer CJ Taylor is starting a new life. He’s bought a house in a small Vermont town, and taken back the name he was born with. Two years have passed since he was last in the public eye and as Cody Brennan, he’s finally feeling safe. Desperate to find some peace, all he wants is to connect to the music in his head, write new lyrics and forget the tragedy in his past.
What he doesn’t count on is meeting Megan. From her amber eyes to her tempting smile, she is everything he thought he could do without, the very thing he promised himself to avoid. But he’s thrown into her family and her life, and suddenly he’s found a place he wants to stay.
Megan Campbell is horrified when a stranger, covered in blood, collapses in her shop. When that same stranger, wild and angry, abruptly becomes someone very different, it’s not her safety she is worrying about, it’s her heart.
Megan’s first instinct is to tame the powerful attraction she has to this stranger, but very soon desire becomes something more. Between them can they find the words to make things right? And can they stay safe long enough to fall in love?

Edited by
Olivia Ventura

Word Count


Megan Campbell stepped away from the cash register of Notes & Roses and leaned against the back counter. She put her right hand in her jeans pocket and, as carefully and unobtrusively as possible, she removed her cell phone and scrolled to Justin’s name. What should she send to her brother? Help sounded like a good start. Or possibly, there’s a man in my shop and I think he’s drunk or stoned.

Yep, send something like that to Justin, and he would come in all guns blazing. Then he’d pin the weird guy to the floor and read him his rights. And the man currently staring at a wall didn’t look dangerous, just lost. Homeless, maybe?

Something more considered then, like, there is a vagrant in here, and he needs help, what should I do? The man moved a little. Away from her side of the store, the “roses” part of the setup, and over to the “notes” side. He was peering at the shelves; a collection of stationery and household bits and pieces like cushions and local crafts. He stumbled a little, turned to the side, and looked up at the display of posters on the far wall. Landscapes of Vermont; rivers, small towns, and red high-sided barns with gently rolling hills of emerald green.

“That’s wrong,” he said.

“Sorry?” Megan asked, but he didn’t reply.

He’s talking to the wall now. Should she add that to the text as well? This was going to end up being one hell of a lot of typing to explain what he was doing. Despite how odd it all looked, the visitor wasn’t threatening her. Also, Rachel would be back soon. Maybe between them they could sort this out?

He hadn’t even spoken to her, but something wasn’t right. Maybe it was the way he’d been standing, his hands in fists at his sides, staring now at the new Valentine’s wall display of flowers and hearts. Maybe it was the way he was dressed; dark jeans caked in mud, heavy boots that had tracked in the same mud. Not to mention the black hoodie with the hood partially hiding his face from her view.

Or maybe it was the despair in his hunched shoulders, the utter defeat in the way he had to support himself to stand.

Whatever it was, Megan was faced with two options. Talk to the strange man in her shop while she was alone in here, or call in reinforcements in case things went south.

Her visitor moved, not his feet, but his fists, unclenching and bringing his hands up to knuckle his eyes and then cover them. Megan’s cop brother liked to explain these things to her, but she didn’t need his help to recognize when despair in someone turned to anger.

She sent the standard 911 text, startled when she looked up and saw the stranger had stepped closer to her while she’d been distracted.

“Where am I?” he asked, his voice very soft.

“You’re in my shop.”

He shook his head. “I need the music. Someone took it, and I need it.”

Okay, this was so not going the way she wanted it to go. He was incoherent. Maybe he was homeless and needed a place to get out of the persistent snow that had plagued Stanford Creek the last few days. He’d evidently been somewhere slushy and muddy, if his clothes were anything to go by.

“I don’t understand, sir; what music do you need?” she asked, and waited for him to acknowledge her question. Instead, he took another, shaky, step forward, and covered his eyes again. “Hello? Can I help you?” she repeated when he didn’t look at her.

That finally got his attention. His hands came down, and she got her first clear look at his eyes and face. What she saw had her reaching to send another text. He had blood on him, smeared down from his temple into his wild beard, and his blue eyes were bright with something. Drugs maybe? Long dark hair hid some of his features, and he looked like he was about to keel over.

“Where’s the music?” he mumbled, his voice low and urgent. He gripped his temples hard and stumbled back, knocking a display of greeting cards to the floor. The sound was a loud clatter in the otherwise quiet room. “Shit… I didn’t…”

“Sir?” This time she was within reaching distance as he rounded on her, his lips pulled back in a snarl—or a grimace of pain, she couldn’t be entirely sure. Whatever, it wasn’t the look of someone who wanted to be spoken to. Time to leave. She glanced at the front door, then the fire exit. He was between her and the only possible ways out, and she was trapped. When she focused back on him, all she saw was a situation that could get out of hand. He was a good six inches taller than her five-nine, broad and built, with tattoos curling around his wrist, disappearing up under the sleeve of the hoodie.

Everything about him looked wrong. He didn’t move again, or even acknowledge her; all he did was stare with bright sapphire eyes, focused on a point behind her, scary and intense and so damned fixated with his expression in that scowl.

“What happened?” He groaned and covered his eyes again. “Call… Zee…”

She texted without looking, only glancing at the screen briefly to make sure she was sending another text to her brother and not some random person on her list. 911. Again. The standard sibling instruction for help me right the hell now, reserved for having one of her brothers rescue her from one of her many dreadful first dates. Garrett wasn’t even in town, so there was little point texting him, and Justin may not even be in the sheriff’s office. She hoped to hell he was, though, and had read her message. She’d know soon enough because the small sheriff’s office was close.

And still the stranger stood there, staring at her. At least he hadn’t moved any closer.

He closed his eyes and wiped at the blood that was trickling down his face, looking down at his hand and staring at the red that streaked his skin. She thought she heard a sob, but couldn’t be sure. Compassion welled inside her. Vagrant or not, dressed in soiled clothes and with the hood up, he didn’t have to be a criminal.

“Sir? Do you need help?” She held out her hand, but he stepped closer to her and damn it, she may have had self-defense training, but she wasn’t stupid. If the man was hopped up on drugs, she had to stay out of reach. The door opened, and Justin stepped in, all uniform and pissed-off attitude.

“Two 911s? This had better be good, Megs.”

Megan inclined her head to the man Justin evidently hadn’t seen in his dramatic entrance. Justin could handle himself, and he had a gun; he’d know what to do.

“What the hell?” Justin said as he assessed the situation, his hand automatically resting on his holstered weapon.

“I think it’s drugs,” she said loud enough for Justin to hear. The man looked at Justin and then to her, before shaking his head a little.

“No.” The voice was raspy, little more than a growl. “Not those.” He appeared to be struggling to talk, and he pressed his hands to each side of his head. “Just the music; Zee will know,” he added, but his voice slurred, and he coughed and doubled over.

Justin pulled his weapon and held it to one side, his other hand held in front of him as he stepped closer. “Sir? Are you hurt?”

Megan saw her brother’s hand on the sidearm, the other placating and suggesting and warning at the same time. She’d seen him stand like this when he broke up the fight at the drugstore. Not that he’d drawn his weapon then; he’d dealt with it by intimidation alone, because everyone involved lived in the town and no one messed with the sheriff. Megan looked at her brother, who teased her, who’d hidden her dolls and pulled her pigtails as a kid, but who was now in a situation that was serious. He was all business.

“What’s your name, sir?” Justin asked.

The stranger stepped back from him, straight into a pile of notebooks this time. The shelf shuddered and some of the display tilted. The movement translated into Justin grabbing the man’s hoodie to stop him falling as he flailed and attempted to stay upright.

He took a swing at Justin, who ducked and swerved. The attempted hit missed Justin by a mile, and the man followed the momentum he had begun, smacked his fist against a shelf edge, and collapsed in a heap on the floor. Then he didn’t move, was absolutely still. Justin holstered his weapon and crouched next to the prone form of the hooded man, checking for a pulse and then talking into his radio.

“Dispatch, 390D, medical assistance required at Notes & Roses.”

Megan didn’t hear the response; she came out from behind the counter and stood next to her brother. The adrenaline that had flooded her to deal with this was beginning to ebb, and she went down in the same crouch. The hood had fallen back and exposed his hair. The stranger was young; maybe the same age as her, and a long cut on his temple oozed fresh blood. Thinking on her feet, she located a clean tea towel from the small kitchen in the back and as an afterthought grabbed the first aid box. There was nothing more than Band-Aids and small bandages in it, but there may be something in there to press against the wound, something sterile.

Justin took the box and the towel and pressed the cloth against the man’s temple.

“Who is he?” Justin asked.

Megan frowned at the unconscious man. “I have no idea.”

“What was he doing in the shop?”

Megan glanced at her brother and resisted the urge to give him a sarcastic sister-type comeback. She needed to be professional.

“He came in and stood in the ‘notes’ side, staring at the wall.”

“And he didn’t say anything?”

“Something about wanting music and the letter Z. And when I asked him if he needed help, he turned and stared at me like he didn’t know where he was.”

“What the hell, Megan? You talked to him?”

“Well, what was I supposed to do? He was a customer, and looked like he needed help.”

“What did I tell you about drug addicts?” Justin snapped.

“The same as attackers, drunks, and anyone else who got anywhere near me, call you. I did that.”

The man on the floor moved, his eyes flickering open and staring up at Justin and Megan. “I don’t feel…” He never finished the sentence, his eyes closing again.

All Megan could think was, whoever he was, he had pretty eyes, the kind of blue that jumped out at you and screamed gorgeous. She couldn’t see much of his face, covered as it was with a bushy beard and blood.

“Should we find his ID or something?”

“SOP is not to go searching in drug addicts’ pockets,” Justin said with exaggerated patience.

“You think he’s a drug addict?”

The door chimed again, but it wasn’t the paramedics yet. Instead her business partner and cousin, Rachel, stood in the door, her jaw dropped and the cold of the rain blustering in behind her.

“Shut the door,” Justin and Megan said at the same time. Rachel closed the door with care, and her expression didn’t change.

“Why is there a man lying on the floor of our shop?” she managed. Then she stepped closer, staring down at John Doe, and her eyebrows climbed before she paled and grabbed hold of the nearest display. “Shit, there’s so much blood. Is he dead?” Like he’d heard her speak, the man coughed and curled in on himself on one side, muttering something, and she stumbled backward with a yelp.

“He’s clearly not dead,” Justin said. “Drugs, head wound, we don’t know yet.” Then he spoke into his radio. “Dispatch, do we have an ETA on the paramedics?”

“Three minutes out.”

“Ten-four, dispatch.”

“Is he bleeding out?” Rachel asked, her hand on her chest and her skin pale. Megan frowned; they really should get Rachel out of here. She’d never liked blood, not since the incident where she’d broken her arm in kindergarten and the bone had pierced the skin.

“Not enough blood for that,” Justin said.

“Do we know who he is?” Rachel asked. “Should we check his wallet or something? He could be here with someone?” She glanced out the shop window as if expecting the man’s friends or family to be searching for him.

“I can’t look for his wallet yet,” Justin explained. “SOP with suspected addicts.”

“SOP?” Rachel half whispered as an aside.

“Standard operating procedure,” Megan whispered back. “The guy could have needles on him.”

“What about the recovery position?” Rachel pointed out. “Should we at least move him?”

Justin indicated the unconscious man with a wave of his hand. “Think he already did it himself.”

Then in silence they stood and waited for the paramedics to arrive, and all that time Megan stared down at the stranger, memorizing every bump and scratch on his face. What a waste. He could be so handsome, almost pretty, with those stunning sky eyes and the plump lips. He’d be a killer if he smiled, she thought.

“He doesn’t smell,” Rachel commented, even though she wrinkled her nose. She gestured at him. “And those jeans? They’re an expensive brand you know. So he’s probably not homeless.”

Megan didn’t feel much like discussing the unconscious man. She wanted the help to get here soon.

The paramedics arrived and in a flurry of motion, they asked rapid questions of Megan, which she couldn’t answer in full. “Did he have a fit? Did he choke?” She answered as best she could and hoped that was enough for them to have some idea what had happened. They checked John Doe’s vitals, hefted him onto a gurney, and left, all without the man regaining consciousness. Justin followed soon after, giving Megan a quick hug and extracting a promise from her to stay safe, and then it was Rachel and Megan alone in the shop.

Rachel looked anywhere except at the blood and Megan knew she had to get her out of the shop. “You go up to Carter’s and get some fresh coffee.”

“You need help,” Rachel began. She looked torn as she gestured at the floor.

“I’ll clear this up. Go.”

“What if someone else comes in?”

“Another vagrant covered in blood?” Megan smiled as she said it. She hoped she’d had her full quota of vagrants for this year.

“You never know,” Rachel said, frowning.


Rachel looked at the door and back at Megan, as if she were expecting another strange man to come in while she was out and was worried about leaving her. Megan went back to the small storage room at the back of the store. She pulled out the mop and bucket and the cleaning supplies and by the time she came back out Rachel had gone. She wasn’t surprised. Evidently alongside her phobia about blood, Rachel had analyzed the situation with her rational, logical approach and had decided Megan could manage another strange man collapsing on their floor if she had to. Megan cleaned up the smears of scarlet and the tracked-in mud, and realigned all the notebooks and stationery on the knocked shelf. While she worked, all she could think was despite the shock and drama of what had happened, the man with the beautiful sapphire eyes hadn’t seemed dangerous to her.

Confused, high or drunk, desperate, traumatized, wet, and muddy, maybe. But certainly not dangerous.

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You Are Not Alone!


Sooo, today I wanted to blog about something a little different. I'll be blogging this here and under my other pen name as well. Now, I've made no secret over the years that I have 3 favourite TV Shows that I can't live without. The Walking Dead, Teen Wolf and Supernatural. 

I love these shows and before you say it, sure the fact that they all have incredibly attractive men strutting their stuff is a definite draw card, but that's not what has me tuning in every week. It's their relationships, the trust and loyalty between these make shift families that is stronger then any other bond.


These relationships melt into off-screen, and right now one of those families, Supernatural, is stepping up to once again offer support and kindness to those most often ignored. Seriously, these people don't have to help, they don't have to care, but they chose to. And they do so in the most amazing ways. 

The Supernatural family has made a name for themselves over the years when it comes to helping others. It is one of the only shows I know who goes to such great lengths to show how much they care about their fans who have stood by them for the past eleven years.

Jared Padalecki, has been open about his struggles with mental health. This was a huge move, for him and for those who also suffer. He took a chance and stood up. For anyone else that would have been difficult, but for someone in his position it would have been downright terrifying. And still, he did something a lot of us may not have had the guts to do because he knew he could help others. He's raised lots of money for mental health causes, and he's encouraged people to ask for help when they need it and "always keep fighting."

To find out more about the "Always Keep Fighting" campaign, how to help and what they do, click here.


On top of this, in 2009 Misha Collins started a nonprofit devoted to good deeds called Random Acts. Using twitter, Misha asked his followers (aka Misha's Minions) to come up with ideas for a “minionstimulus” project. The goal was to obtain U.S. government stimulus money (funding to aid endeavors to stop an economic recession) for non-profit “minion” initiatives.

The pursuit of government funding was soon abandoned in favor of morphing into a privately organized charity group and website, started by minion Lisa Walker and then known as Minion Stimulus. After visiting the fledgling website, Misha appointed Lisa his Director of Charitable Affairs.

With Misha's prompting, the minions raised over $30,000 to help UNICEF's aid efforts in Haiti. In mid-2010, with The Art Department as parent organization providing non-profit status, the Minion Stimulus morphed into Random Acts.

And now Random Acts is partnering with a couple of other nonprofits to create The SPNFamily Crisis Support Network, “where trained fans can help other fans deal with depression, self-injury, and addiction.”


  These people are amazing, plain and simple. To support the "You Are Not Alone" campaign, you can buy the t-shirt below or any of the other items, which features Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins together.

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Rekindling Their Faith, coming soon...

So excited. Rekindling Their Faith, book 1 in the Shifter Unit series has been accepted by Evernight Publishing and is due for release in March!

Learning from a young age that shifters were real, Faith had grown used to being just on the outskirts of their world. That is until one day the Alpha’s son comes home and claims that she belongs to him and his best friend.

Chance Dixon was used to the looks he received from others of his Pride. Considered an abomination by most because he shifted into a white lion, his only saving grace was his superior strength, his friendship with the Alpha’s son…and their mate. If only she knew she was theirs.

Jensen Summers had done everything that his Pride had expected from him in the lead up to assuming his role as Alpha, but now that he was home his only thoughts were for the beauty he had left behind, and a best friend who had promised to wait for him to claim her together.

When hormones and emotions reach a boiling point, mistakes are made. Now Jensen and Chance must prove to their mate that she means everything to them, while protecting her from those who would seek to harm their human. Can the best friends keep her safe, while trying to rekindle her faith in them?

Scandals Cover Reveal!

Scandals Cover Reveal

Because it’s the right time for a scandal!

Hazel Gower, Khloe Wren, Jess Buffett and Tamsin Baker are introducing a new series, Scandals! To celebrate we are giving away a copy of each book to one lucky winner as the stories are released. For your chance to win, simply complete the tasks on the rafflecopter below. Remember the more tasks you complete, the more likely you are to win!

Meet Dillon, Zeck, Law and Alec who make up the world famous boy band Right Time.

A huge thank you to Jay Aheer, the wonderfully talented cover artist over at Evernight Publishing for creating these beautiful covers! Links will be coming soon…


I know I'm hot stuff, not only am I in the hottest boy band, Right Time, I'm young, good looking and rich. What more could I want? I never sleep with a woman more than once and I'm the first to admit I'm a manwhore, but when I meet Ashlyn Dobbs and she joins the tour for a week I start to rethink what I really want.
I'm on my first overseas vacation. I intend to spend a little over a week with my best friend who is a back-up dancer for the hottest boyband. When the tour flies to America I'm going to go off exploring on my own for two weeks. Well, that was the plan, until I met Dillon from Right Time.

Can you fall in love in such a short time? Will a long distance relationship work between Ashlyn and Dillon?

I’d thought I was happy. Being a part of the world famous boy band Right Time meant lots of travelling and endless girls at my fingertips. But watching Dillon settle with one woman has me rethinking my life. I realized how out of control I was. When Jas took me to a BDSM club I discovered a way to take some control back. Then I saw her. Bound in rope and I knew I had to have her. What I didn’t see was the other woman watching me, nor did I realise the scandal she’d cause.

I’d discovered so much about myself in my year working in Paris. Learning I was sexually submissive was the most important. I knew when I returned to Australia I was going to miss the BDSM club that had become a second home. When the owner asked to use me in a demonstration I agreed quickly. I loved being bound and he was a master with rope. I’d had no idea how much that one choice would change my life so completely.


Being in the internationally successful boy band Right Time had been everything I had ever wanted and more. Well, except for one thing, or should I say one person, but I had long ago acknowledged that I couldn’t have both and to be happy with what I had. That was until he showed up in my life again. And then nothing made sense.

For years I had pretended I didn’t care. Ignoring my feelings had become second nature to me. That was until my niece begged me to take her to see her favourite boy band Right Time for her birthday and I came face to face with him. In all fairness, she had no idea the can of worms she’d be opening. And in all honesty, neither did I.


My life was so perfect before all the guys started falling in love. Now I'm the only one not hooked up. Being famous, rich and young should be enough I know, but I wouldn't mind finding someone who looks beyond my muscles and bank balance.

My life was on track. I was close to finishing my University degree, I had enough money to get by and I was happy. That was until I met Right Time's singer, Alec. The playboy managed to get himself drugged right in front of me, and I couldn't just do nothing! That's when my life became far more complicated.

Will the young doctor-to-be be able to resist one of the hottest boys on the planet?


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Down and Dirty Scavenger Hunt!

 #DownandDirty #ScavengerHunt #99cents #Romance #Anthology 22 Authors, 1 amazingly Down and Dirty Anthology and it's all yours ...