Saturday, 11 July 2015

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Stranded on earth as a child and locked into her human form, Raina Lockwood has never settled into one place too long, afraid of what would happen to her and her sister if the wrong people caught up. One night changes everything when someone from her past gets too close and the only person who can save her is the one man she thought could never exist on Earth.

For centuries the men of Nico Doragon's line had held out hope that they were the one foretold in the prophecy who would find the other half of their soul and unite their people with the past and future, only to have give up hope when nothing had come to pass. However the moment Nico lays his eyes on Raina, he knows instantly she is his mate.

When these two soul mates collide, all they ever knew is brought into question and the end result could very well shatter everything, including themselves.

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